A Day in Savannah, Georgia

For some reason, whenever I have the opportunity to visit Savannah, it’s just a brief stop on the way to or from someplace else.

Last week I had just under a day to explore River Street, the new Plant Riverside District, and the historic district including Forsyth Park.

I decided to spend the night in a 5 bedroom house in the historic district to keep my costs low. The house has a shared bath which I don’t usually like but the location and charm were worth the compromise. The owner, Darrell, is also very interesting and accommodating. If you plan to visit Savannah, check it out or find another place to stay within your budget.

River Street – Savannah, GA

I covered a lot during my visit. First, since I’d never been to River Street before (I know, crazy, right?), I started there. The first place I entered was a charming shop called Cinnamon Bear Country Store, chock full of souvenirs and homemade local food items. They also serve hand-scooped ice cream which was delicious! I had the pumpkin pie flavor.

I wandered along River Street, taking in the views of the river, the many shops and restaurants lining the street and a few tourists enjoying the afternoon. Since it is January and we are in a pandemic, the street was very quiet.

After an hour or so of exploring the riverfront, I joined local friends for a drink at the bar at 17hundred90 Inn and Restaurant. They are known for their key lime pie shots and they are a popular stop on the ghost tours

Plant Riverside District – Savannah, GA

After a drink, we went back to the river to check out the new Plant Riverside District and had dinner at Graffito. This former power plant has been transformed into a new entertainment district, offering restaurants, entertainment, retail and a hotel. Huge geodes, a cave bear skeleton, and dinosaur replicas are some of the decor inside the hotel atrium, surrounded by shops, galleries and restaurants with guest rooms above.

plant riverside district savannah

We then moved on to Abe’s on Lincoln to end the night. Abe’s is a local tavern with a nice patio outside, massive amounts of images of the former president (on napkins. tapes to the ceiling) on the inside.

Historic District – Savannah, GA

The next morning, I had some work to do and I always make sure to get my coffee and breakfast at Foxy Loxy Cafe, where I can enjoy the large garden patio while I catch up on work.

After breakfast, I explored the historic district for a bit before leaving Savannah to spend a few hours on Jekyll Island. There is so much to see, just wandering around the area:

  • Forsyth Park and the famous fountain
  • Casimir Pulaski Monument at Monterey Square
  • Mercer Williams House Museum
  • Restaurants and bars

I definitely plan to go back and visit Savannah again soon. I love the architecture, the history, the charm, and the Spanish moss-covered oak trees throughout the city.  And I’d love to dive deeper into the food scene.  Next time, I will try to stay for longer than a day!

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