Get the Most Out of a Trip to Birmingham, Alabama


Birmingham, Alabama is a city bursting with southern charm and plenty of activities for travelers to enjoy. From outdoor adventures to delicious food, Birmingham has something for everyone! Here’s a list of the top 8 fun things you can do when you visit this charming Southern city.

Visit the Birmingham Zoo

The Birmingham Zoo is home to over 800 animals from around the world and offers exciting experiences such as behind-the-scenes tours, overnight stays in the zoo’s safari campground, and more. With over 100 acres of parkland, there’s something for everyone at the Birmingham Zoo!

Explore Sloss Furnaces

Sloss Furnaces are an iconic National Historic Landmark located in downtown Birmingham and have been preserved as one of America’s best examples of early industrialization. Visitors can explore the historic site and learn about its fascinating history through interpretive exhibits and guided tours.

Enjoy Delicious Food

From classic Southern comfort food like fried chicken and biscuits to gourmet restaurants serving locally sourced ingredients, there’s no shortage of delicious dining options in Birmingham! Sample some local favorites like pork sandwiches served on white bread or a traditional plate lunch with sides like macaroni and cheese or greens.

Take a Stroll Through Railroad Park

Railroad Park is an award-winning 19-acre green space filled with pathways perfect for walking or running, gardens full of native plants, a playground for children, an amphitheater where concerts take place during summer months, and much more! It’s the perfect spot for taking in some sunshine while exploring everything that downtown Birmingham has to offer.


Take a Boat Tour on Smith Lake

Smith Lake is located just outside of downtown Birmingham and offers visitors breathtaking views of nature as they cruise around its waters on a boat tour. Renting your own boat is also an option if you want to take things at your own pace while fishing or simply admiring the lake’s beauty from shoreside campsites or lakefront cabins tucked away among towering trees.

Get Active Outdoors

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for adventure, Birmingham offers plenty of opportunities from rock climbing at Red Mountain Park to biking along miles of trails at Oak Mountain State Park or kayaking down rivers like Black Warrior River Trail near Tuscaloosa. There are also numerous golf courses scattered throughout the area where visitors can work on their swing!

Shop Till You Drop

Whether it’s unique items from local boutiques or designer goods from larger retailers, shoppers will find plenty to keep them busy in downtown Birmingham’s shopping districts such as The Pizitz Food Hall & Market or The Summit Mall which features over 150 stores including popular chains like Apple Store, Nordstrom Rack, Sephora, and more!

Visit Vulcan Park & Museum

Vulcan Park & Museum is home to the iconic iron statue known as “The Iron Man” which stands atop Red Mountain overlooking downtown Birmingham below him since 1904 when it was first constructed by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Moretti who had come all the way from Rome specifically for this project commissioned by industrialist James Withers Sloss . The park also boasts views from its observation deck that extend across three states—Alabama, Mississippi & Tennessee—and offers several educational programs about Vulcan’s history as well as events such as yoga classes held at its base every Sunday morning during summer months (April–September).

Birmingham has something for everyone—from outdoor adventures to shopping sprees—and these 8 fun things are just scratching the surface! So don’t forget your camera when you visit this charming Southern city; there are so many wonderful sights waiting to be discovered here that you won’t want to miss out on capturing them all!  Come experience all that makes this friendly city unique; we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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